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How do I become a Member?

Membership is available to anyone 21 or older who is in, or is interested in the lifestyle and has no record of violent, or sexual crimes in their past. Just bring a photo ID on your first visit and they will get you all setup and a tour. You will be required to sign the membership agreement and agree to the terms of that agreement. Membership can be revoked at any time for any reason by management. Membership cost is $1 per year.


When are you open?

Club NV is open on Saturday Nights at 7PM, No entry after midnight and club closes at 3 AM. Due to state fire code there are no overnight stays.


Do we have to join in?

NO always means NO and you are never required to do anything you don't want to. Many members come out and have a fun night and just hang around with friends. The club is not a free for all and just like anything else in life you must put in the effort to meet new people and things must click. The best attitude to have is to come with no expectations other than to meet some new people and if anything more happens all the better. 


Is there a dress code?

There is no strict dress code, however you are trying to meet new people. Most dress casual on arrival and many ladies will change into something sexy later in the night. We do have lockers to store items in as well just bring a padlock


What is included with the nightly entry fee?

Club NV is all inclusive so there are no other fees once you pay the nightly entry fee. We have a Fountain Machine with Coke products, Cups, Ice, Coolers to store cold items, Snacks, DJ, Dance floor, Video screens, and lockers There is NO smoking inside the building However we do have a large fenced and partially covered patio with fire pit for a outside smoking area. We are a BYOB club so you may bring your own liquor.  


How many people will be there? 

This depends on many factors, on a slow night there may be 40 people, on a busy night we may reach capacity at 350 people. Its just hard to predict how many will come on any given night 


Who are Members?

95% of members are married couples with the remaining 5% split between single men and single ladies. Club members come from all social, economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We have members from about every state and some from foreign countries but most members are from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan


What hotels are close by?

The Courtyard Downtown is to closest to the club, about 1 mile, all the others are basically in the same area and are about 4 miles from the club

Click this link for Muncie hotels

Where are you located?

We are located in Muncie Indiana, About 35 miles Northeast of Indianapolis

Our address is 400 S Lincoln St. Muncie, IN 47302

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